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Awareness, Wisdom, Energy, Support, Openess, Motivation, Enjoyment

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Bus Routes

There are 5 bus routes (29, 36, 60, 95, and 99) that go by the studio. If you bike, walk, or bus to the studio, you get a free mat rental! Get rewarded for being environmentally conscious!

Studio Policy

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our studio's policies.


Check out our schedule. We have classes for all levels.


Awareness, Wisdom, Energy, Support, Openess, Motivation, Enjoyment

Awesome Help Program

This program encourages you to become a part of a community that shares a love for yoga (you will receive unlimited yoga). If you are looking for a way to get involved, learn about upcoming yoga events, to get to know your teachers, fellow yogis, to deepen your practice and get free yoga this program is for you!


Barre touches on endurance, strength, flexibility, and restoration. This total body workout is intense but rewarding, using a variety of props to skillfully blend cardio, Pilates, balance work, and strength training into an invigorating hour of fun, movement and motivating music. Modifications are offered for all levels of student, and trained instructors emphasize form over speed. For people who are brand new to barre please note that no actual dancing will take place.

Awesome Hot Yoga is at 677 Stafford Street, Unit E

We are open 30 minutes before and after classes.